STAPLE-mate Staple Puller


STOCK-ade STAPLE-mate Staple Puller Applications

  • Staple removal
  • Fence demolition
  • Fencing repairs - all wire fence types
  • Wire cutting
  • Wire straining
STAPLE-mate Staple Puller

One Handed Staple Pulling 
     - Streamline design for maximum grip and leverage
     - Shaped head engineered to remove the toughest staples
Pronged Lever 
     - Extra leverage for the most immovable staples
Wire Cutter
     - Easily cuts through high tensile wire
Custom Shaped Jaw 
     - Designed specifically to grip fencing staples
     - Hardened for extreme durability
Patented Wire Strainer 
     - Grips wire to make tying off and wire positioning easier
Drop Jaw Design 
     - Perfectly balanced to automatically drop open for 
       comfortable one-hand use

Packaged Size (WxHxD): 2.8 x 11.2 x 1"

STAPLE-mate Staple Puller
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  • STAPLE-mate Staple Puller
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