STOCK-ade ST-400 Pneumatic 9 Gauge Fence Stapler


The worlds first and only pneumatic power actuated fence stapler system. 


Rural livestock fencing


Rural heavy mesh and heavy woven fencing

Predator control fencing

Highway boundary fencing

Rural utilities applications



Proven pneumatic technology
Adjustable power for high density timber. Reliability for high volume fence construction

Rugged driver blade
Engineered specifically for driving heavy-duty fence staples. Manufactured from high impact steel for long life.

Aluminium alloy housing
Lightweight and corrosion resistant for extreme durability

Designed for 9-gauge fencing staples
STOCK-ade brand barb staples

Adjustable depth of drive

Precision placement to prevent damage to fence wire



Suitable for 1½" to 2" Length Fencing Staples

Uses genuine STOCK-ade barbed and non-barbed ST-400 staples. Ideal for heavy duty fencing applications.

Staple wire angle guide

Custom nose locates the wire for speed and reliability

Top load magazine

Fast loading to minimize downtime



See more product info on the STOCK-ade ST-400 data sheet



Product Size (WxHxD): 4.7" x 14.2" x 15.4"
Weight: 8.2 lbs
Cycle Rate: 3 staples per second
Magazine Capacity: 50 staples (2 strips)
Staple Range Length: 1-1/2" (non-barbed), 1-3/4", 2" (barbed)
Staple Range Gauge: 9 gauge
Staple Type: Hot dipped, pre-galvanized Bezinal 2000 240g
Collation Type: Paper collated
Operating Pressure: 90-120 psi (6.2-8.2 bar)
Optimum Pressure: 95-108 psi (6.75-7.24 bar) hard timber 115 psi
Air Consumption at 100 psi: 2.2 litres/cycle
Air Hose Filling Diameter: 3/8" - 1/2"


STOCK-ade ST-400 Pneumatic 9 Gauge Fence Stapler
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  • STOCK-ade ST-400 Pneumatic 9 Gauge Fence Stapler
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