Electric Fencing for Horses

Electric Fencing for Horses Products

Why Electric Fencing?

Fencing is an important consideration in the care of your horse. Old, loose, rusty and barbed wire fences are not only an eye-sore, but a potential hazard to horses. Electric fencing is a recommended means for fencing horses for the following reasons;

  • Good control - electric fences are both safe for horses and provide a high level of control
  • Good looks - a well installed electric fence is attractive and can add value to your property
  • Cost effective - electric fencing is cheaper than conventional fencing and quicker to instal


Electric Fencing and Horses

Electric fencing is neither harmful nor dangerous to horses. The shock delivered to a horse lasts only for a number of micro-seconds. However, a horse's memory lasts a lot longer and animals quickly build a lasting respect for electric fences. 

With any electric fencing application the following points must be remembered;

  • When introducing animals to an electric fence, never force them on to the fence. Horses should encounter the fence in their own time. 
  • When introducing electric fencing, ensure that animals have plenty of room to escape from their first contact. Either install an electric fence in a larger field, or place an electric fence along a single side of a smaller pen or yard. 
  • Ensure good voltage ( >4,000 volts) along the fence at all times. Horses will quickly lose respect for a fence that has low or intermittent voltage.


Options for Electric Fencing

There are a number of options for incorporating electric fencing to a farm or ranch. The beauty of electric fencing is that is extremely flexible to meet the needs of any situation. 

  • High Visibility Tapes
    • High visibility 1-1/2" tape can be permanently installed around the perimeter of a pen using insulators. These tapes are highly visible and well respected by horses. They are particularly useful for smaller pens or exercise yards. 
  •  Outriggers?

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