Extreme Tape 1320'


Stafix Extreme Tape 1320'

Ideal for long lengths of semi-permanent fence. 106x more conductive than Polytape. 6 tinned copper strands for ultimate conductivity.  

The Stafix Extreme range provides the ultimate in conductivity and strength for demanding professional applications.

  • 6 tinned copper strands
  • 106 x more conductive than standard Polytape
  • Increased shocking and stopping power, ideal for long lengths of temporary and semi-permanent fence
  • Heavy duty tape, tightly woven for superior strength
  • 1/2" width with red and white weave for ultimate visibility
  • UV stabilised for long life.
1 year warranty
Extreme Tape 1320'
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  • Extreme Tape 1320'
  • Extreme Tape 1320'
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