Galvanized Ground Rod, 6' x 1/2",


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Grounding is the most important component of any electric fence system. Over 80% of all electric fence problems are attributable to poor grounding. It is important to understand how and why you need to install an effective ground system. For an electric fence to be effective a circuit must be completed. When an animal touches the fence, the circuit is completed through the ground, or earth wires, and the current flows back via the ground rods to the energizer. In a grounding system, the ground electrode provides the physical connection to the earth and is the instrument used to dissipate current into it. The ground rod is the most widely used grounding electrode.

  • Compatible with underground cable
  • Galvanized steel for long life
  • Price is for each
Galvanized Ground Rod, 6' x 1/2",
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  • Galvanized Ground Rod, 6' x 1/2",
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