Multipurpose MP600 Load Bar


Designed for portable applications such as platforms, crates, and cages. 
Specifically designed for the Aluminum Cattle Platform or Diamond Series 600 Platform.
NOT designed for head gate or squeeze chute applications. 
- MP600 dimensions: 
    - Length: 23"
    - Width: 3"
    - Step-up Height: 4"
    - Weighing capacity: 4400 lbs.

Multipurpose (MP) series load bars are designed for use in a variety of single animal, portable applications including alleyway platforms, cages or small animal crates. Coated to resist corrosion, MP load bars will provide may years of trouble-free service. The internal shear beam load cells are aircraft grade aluminum and are potted with a two pot polyurethane compound. Heavy duty TPR/PVC cables minimize the likelihood of cable damage. MP load bar accuracy rating within +/- 1% when installed on a level, firm surface. 
    - Easy set-up 
    - Portable
    - 16.5' cable length
    - Load bar system consists of 2 individual load bars
    - Zinc plated - gold passivated finish
    - Shock absorbing foot pad
    - Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy install
    - Load cells completely enclosed to protect against dirt, moisture, & rodents
    - Not legal for trade or certified
    - 2-year warranty

Multipurpose MP600 Load Bar
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  • Multipurpose MP600 Load Bar
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