XRP2 EID Panel Reader


The Tru-Test XRP2 EID Panel Reader is a stationary, auto tuning, EID panel reader which reads both HDX (Half Duplex) and FDX (Full Duplex) EID tags. It's powered by 110v and 12v and interfaces with the Tru-Test EID scales via the included power cords and communications cables. This reader can be used with the Large Antenna, Small Antenna or both at the same time (XRP Dual Antenna Adaptor required for multiple antennas, sold separately). 20,000 tag memory, tag counter, 100 sessions.

Reader comes with 110v power supply, 12v battery cable,and communications cables.

At least one EID Antenna is needed to use with the Panel Reader. The Large Antenna is designed for use with cattle, and the Small Antenna is to use with sheep/goats. An additional antenna may be needed in some situations, such as wide alleys or alleys where a cow's EID tag be out of read distance of one antenna.

XRP2 EID Panel Reader
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  • XRP2 EID Panel Reader
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